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Whisper Help

As part of your Online Safety Toolkit you receive a subscription to our anonymous reporting tool Whisper, which requires a separate registration. The service is designed for your school community to report issues to you anonymously directly from your website.

Whisper enables you simply and instantly install a report button on your school website so pupils can send anonymous reports via email and SMS. 

Once signed into your BOOST go to Tools > Whisper.  You will be guided to visit SWGfL Whisper website where you need to register.  When you sign-up for this service, on page 3 select “Pay by Voucher” and enter the code emailed to you.

    • How do I get into Whisper?

      Whisper is a separate service which you have access to as part of your BOOST subscription, as such you must register for this service separately.

      The Whisper page in BOOST will give you access to the Whisper service, from where you must click Register. Enter the required details, and when asked for payment, select Pay by Voucher, and enter the voucher code that will have been emailed to you.

      If you have only just setup your account, you may have to wait a day or two to receive your Whisper code.

    • How do I add the Whisper button to my website?

      All websites have different systems that enable you to edit their content, so you may have to ask your system administrator or website developer to install the button for you. But if you do have access to it, the setup page in Whisper provides you with the HTML code to do this, simply copy and paste into the relevant section of your website.

    • How do I get reports?

      When you setup your Whisper account, you will enter a nominated email address, all anonymous reports will be emailed to this address.