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What is Online Safety BOOST?

When it comes to online safety practice, what standards are desirable and attainable? Compliance is the only way forward, not negligence. And staff training can be one of the weakest links, according to Ofsted.

Online Safety BOOST brings you extra empowerment and support to deal with the challenges, official or otherwise. Think of it as a small investment for great results. Below are some more details about the apps, services, tools and resources that make up BOOST.

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Reputation Alerts

A powerful tool to capture, track, and notify you about new online references to your school. Complaints. Unfair comments. Teacher abuse.

The tool scans social media, blogs, websites and press to let you know when you are being mentioned. It even indicates sentiment as positive or negative, and how influential the host website is. It will email you immediately if it finds anything important or urgent.

Whisper: Anonymous Reporting Tool

Whisper is an app that allows your school community to report issues to you. They can choose to be anonymous or leave contact details. It offers a custom button, link or code for your school website or newsletter.

There is even a unique dedicated mobile number. Anonymous reporting reaches those who are reluctant or find reporting difficult.

Incident Response Tool

The Incident Response Tool is an interactive document that provides advice and support for managing online safety incidents.

The flowchart guides you through necessary procedure and informs you about each stage. It allows you to record, classify and track online safety issues over time. Reports are easily created to identify and respond to safeguarding trends.

Staff Training & Certification

The BOOST toolkit includes a full staff development programme in Online Safety. Access to our library of exclusive training videos on specific issues help build expertise for teachers, who can then complete our online certification exam.

We regularly update our video content to keep you up to speed with the latest risks, issues and policies.

Exclusive live webinars each month with one of our Online Safety experts keep you up to date with the latest trends and stats, help you get the most out of the tool, and answer any questions you might have.

Presentations and Resources

So many schools go to the expense of having external inservice training sessions. We've thought about this and published all our presentation materials together with links and speaker notes so you can do this yourself.

Better still, we will keep these updated so you can be sure you are sharing the very latest information with your wider staff. BOOST benefits both from shortcuts to our favourite resources as well as our new digital literacy curriculum, saving you time and effort in finding the right resource that provides children with the right competency, at the right age.

Help and Support

Making a wrong decision at times of stress can be so easy and often makes a bad situation a whole lot worse, especially prevalent where online safety situations are concerned.

Our specialists are only a call away from helping advise in such circumstances and guide you through managing these issues. Having expert intervention and support on tap to help out in moments of crisis will help you make the right decisions that will benefit you, your school and your children.