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BOOST+ Certification Help

This tool enables you to give your staff access to BOOST resources, and then complete an online test, enabling them to stay up to date with the latest online safety best practices.

How to Give Staff Access

Once logged into BOOST, go to Tools > BOOST+ Certification, this control panel enables you to copy your unique access link, send it to staff members, and view their test results as they complete the test

Copy the Link

The link to access your training area is provided so you can copy the link and send it to staff in whatever format you wish. Click the link which will highlight it, and copy by either right clicking and selecting "Copy", or pressing Ctrl + C (Windows) or Cmd + C (Mac).

Send via Email

To send the link to staff along with a pre-written email with instructions, use the provided form. Enter the staff members' name, email address, and set a deadline for when they have to complete the test by, and we will email them all the details.

You may wish to send this email to yourself first so you can view the contents, also if you have many staff members to send it to, you can forward it to all your collegues in one go.

Viewing Test Results

Under Certification Results, you will see a list of staff members that have completed the test along with their score. This will enable you to see who has passed or failed, and download their certificates.

    • How do I give staff access to the resources and test?

      Go to Tools > BOOST+ Certification and do one of the following:

      • Copy your unique link and distribute to staff yourself
      • Use the provided form to send the link and instructions email to a staff member
      • Use the form to send the email to yourself and then forward to staff members
    • How do staff members log back in to continue their training after accessing the link?

      They can use the link to login to the staff training area as many times as they like, so for subsequent visits, they should use the link you provided to them.

      If any staff members cannot find the link you sent them, your should just send it to them again using the form provided.

    • I clicked the resources link and now some of the tools have disappeared!

      The staff resources link logs you into a special account with limited priviliges. You should sign out and sign back in with your normal login.