BOOST Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is BOOST?

      BOOST is a suite of tools that equips and empowers a school to better manage its own online safety provision

    • Is this service suitable for a Primary / Secondary / Special / school?

      BOOST is suitable for any school. The services within the package are relevant to any educational setting

    • Is it recommended by Ofsted or can it be used in conjunction with 360?

      It is designed to work in conjunction with 360 degree safe, to provide additional strategies and tools to help create a safer online environment and culture. Ofsted are an independent organisation and as such do not recommend any products or services

    • How is it accessed?

      BOOST is accessed via a website. Once signed up you will receive a welcome email containing your exclusive log in details.

    • Could we have 1 subscription for federated or infant / junior schools?

      BOOST has been designed with a single school in mind, for example SWGfL Whisper sends the reports to a nominated email account at school. If you are part of a federated school and wish to look at a package deal then please contact us.

    • Can more than one member of my organisation access BOOST?

      Yes, you can setup accounts for your other members of staff from the Manage Users section of the website in Account (If you have been set up as a BOOST manager).

      If you wish to give your members of staff access to the BOOST+ resources and online test, send them your unique URL from the BOOST+ Certification page.

    • Which bits of your service are used most by schools?

      We have found the Alerts and Whisper tools tend to be the most popular services when schools inquire although once schools have signed up and get to experience the whole range of services we have had really positive feedback across the board.

    • Could we be put in contact with a BOOST school to ask how the service is in practice?

      This is something that can prove difficult to organise. If you are not happy with the service for whatever reason, then we will credit back your payment, which we think helps you to subscribe with confidence. We do however have a series of comments from users that you are welcome to review at

    • How long would it take to set things up?

      The quickest way to get started with a BOOST account is to purchase via our online store throught the purchase page

      If you purchase online, you account will be accessible once the payment is confirmed (Usually within a few minutes). Alternatively we can issue an invoice and once payment is received we can create the BOOST account.

    • Are we entitled to a free trial?

      As a charitable trust, SWGfL wants BOOST to work for its schools and users. As such, we are currently offering a 3 month money back guarantee so if you are not entirely satisfied within 3 months; we’ll give you your money back. No risk.

    • Are there any further discounts available as we are a small primary?

      Unfortunately we are unable to offer further discount for a subscription although we do believe £210 is very good value for money.

    • What technical issues or systems requirements do you have?

      The whole suite of services are accessed via the BOOST website. This means that there are no specific requirements for a school as it is independent to the system your organisation uses and we rarely experience any technical issues.

    • Do you constantly update the site in response to changing legislation and changing requirements?

      Yes we certainly do. Every element of the package is regularly reviewed and updated for this very reason. This is largely why we use Prezi as the presentation engine, as it means we can keep the central presentations up to date, avoiding any possibility of someone using out of date material. As an organisation it is essential that we keep up with the fast paced, ever changing nature of Online Safety.

    • Why am I asked for payment options when setting up my Whisper account?

      There are payment options within Whisper to allow those without a BOOST account to sign up for this particular service. Having a subscription to BOOST obviously includes the Whisper service. When creating your new account you can bypass the invoice stage by adding in your voucher code contained in your welcome pack.

    • How do I access the webinars?

      Our webinars are advertised within the CPD section of BOOST. You will find a list of dates and topics for you to choose from. If you would like to go ahead and book onto a webinar simply email with your school name and which session you would like to attend. You will then be added to the delegate list for that session and sent detailed instructions on how you participate.

    • Can the presentations be provided as a PowerPoint?

      We provide our presentations in Prezi format. This allows our team to keep them “live” and regularly updated. It also avoids the possibility that you may end up using material that has become out of date.